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Get Up! is an one week event of performances, workshops and exhibitions organized in Turin by Il Circolo dei Lettori featuring Regione Piemonte and Fabrica.

From 3rd to 9th February 2014

Circolo dei Lettori
Via Giambattista Bogino, 9
10123 Turin


Pictures by Marco Zanin / Fabrica


The material beauty of glass is highlighted by the violence of its intrinseque breakable fragility. Thanks to the special and intimate way to see through, the dome functions as a protective container to lift the value of an otherwise broken object that lost it´s value.


State power is embodied in a public statue of the Leader – immortalised as an unmovable symbol of totalitarian power. The iconic leader is now discredited – fragile, transparent and without a head. The degrading of the statue suggests a regime challenged, overthrown and left in ruin – the figure left still semi-intact, yet stripped of its controlling influence.

STOP, Catarina Carreiras

To cease from, leave off, or discontinue. To put an end to, to interrupt, arrest, or check. To cut off, intercept, or withhold. To restrain, hinder, or prevent. No words are needed, but a lot of actions are held within a really simple circular icon.

THE GENTLEMAN VANDAL, Valentina Carretta

One of the most impressive tools to shout your message is the delicate language of Beauty: Beautiful things are able transcend petty differences. Conquering without words they are able to effortlessly enchant us like the elegance of an offered flower.

MEGAPHONE, Mariana Fernandes

The protest can be a throng of individual statements coming together to transmit a mass message. The three different megaphones represent different voices coming together for the same propose.

BALACLAVA, Federico Floriani

The Balaclava is an act of protest for people who have to remain anonymous for fear of persecution. If what you believe in is clear and pure you should have the right to show your face. The Glass Balaclava is sympathetic to the hidden protesters – supporting their right to speak their mind freely with a transparent identity.

DIAPHANOUS, Gastón Lisak

We need to change the idea of the flag – with it’s symbols and colors that often lead to fanaticism. we should begin to show more transparent flags, allowing us to start a dialogue.


The shapes represent the universal hand signals to express “fuck you” (one finger) and “peace” (two fingers). The two glasses capture the feeling of a protest from its angry beginnings to its victorious conclusion. Inside each piece is a bell which interprets the japanese protest demonstration which is accompanied by percussion instruments.

EGG CATAPULT, Giorgia Zanellato

Throwing Eggs is the ultimate act of political rebellion, now revolutionised with the aid of custom made egg catapult. It draws an ironic comparison between a traditional machine of war and an expression of playful defiance.

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EXTRA-ORDINARY GALLERY http://www.fabricafeatures.com/2014/extra-ordinary-gallery/ http://www.fabricafeatures.com/2014/extra-ordinary-gallery/#comments Tue, 28 Jan 2014 11:14:35 +0000 fabricafeatures http://www.fabricafeatures.com/?p=7795 Extra-Ordinary Gallery is a study of ordinary things, interpreted by Fabrica. Designed by a team of multicultural designers, and entirely made in Italy, these objects are re-interpretations of daily rituals that are made special through attention to detail. Their formal simplicity, shapes and materials become a tribute to the beauty of basic and small pleasures in life. Common actions such as hanging a picture on a wall, a morning exercise or having drinks with friends are rendered a little bit more special than they already are; domestic, yet exquisite.

Extra-Ordinary Gallery is available on FabricaShop:
shop extra-ordinary-gallery

Creative Director


Photo by SHEK PO KWAN / Fabrica
Styling by FEDERICO FLORIANI / Fabrica

The collection:


The value of physical money is lost in the use of the credit card. The card holder re-expresses this symbolism – adorned in gold, as reference to the value of the most expensive metal. A little message written on the card holder wishes us to spend well for 2014. The holding of the card is a way of hiding what people possess, always recognized as a sign of human elegance.

Blank page
A simple white sheet in A4 format, as the blank page which proceeds a new idea, a letter, or an hour spend doing. One corner of the clock is folded up to create a shadow and conceptually lift it, somewhat, from the wall where it will be placed. The speed and pace of time is complemented by the calm whiteness. Simple, anonymous and as common as time is for everybody.


An uncertain table piece that can be used as fruit bowl or a cake plate. It acknowledges a personal dilemma: to eat healthily or to indulge. Without being judgmental, it presents two alternative ways to enjoy food.
How to Use
1. Fruit bowl assembly – mount the ceramic piece (bowl side up) on the wooden stick with the wooden platform at the base. Insert the wooden peg in the hole to hang bananas, grapes etc.
2. Cake plate assembly – mount the ceramic piece (flat side up) on the wooden stick with the wooden platform at the base. Fix the extra wooden platform on top of the stick.


A metallic shelf that reminds us of long sunny days. Its shadow folds from the surface to the wall, holding it and creating an obvious trompe l’oeil. A simple surface as a display element for special objects, or your perfect set of favourite books, that punctuates the anonymity of a white wall.

A frame that draws a surface for everything and anything, perfect for an empty space that needs to be filled up. A simple drawing made of metal, which can hold notes or pictures with its small black magnets. From simple to complex artworks, a different composition appears every time you add a new memory to it.


A stain as an artistic symbol, that is absorbed by the cushion as a domestic canvas, which celebrates the painting process. Blot is a pair of true black and white cushions that artistically accentuate a sofa or a bed.


This collection of two sketchbooks, one notebook and a pencil was made so everyone has the possibility to explore an idea, make a drawing, write a letter, keep track of time or just idly doodle your days away. Based on a monochrome palette the collection highlights the dialogue between paper and thinking, suggested through black and white contrast.
The double ended notebook is one example of the novel and surprising details informed by the particularities of stationary and how we engage with them through our creative endeavors.


On the Rocks
A tribute to the traditional way of chilling drinks, using real stone. Unlike water, using chilled stones does not dilute your drink, leaving the contents more pure and unaffected. The geometric cuts of the pieces create the sense of a landscape in your glass, the surface of the stone brought out in finish by contact with liquid.
On the rocks can be put in a freezer and later used in place of ice cubes to chill alcoholic beverages without diluting.

Bu! is a metal wire wall organizer inspired by the decorative door railings of southern Italian heritage. You are welcomed by a friendly face hanging on your wall as an extra host in your home, that makes arriving home unique every day.


The forerunner of the dumbbell, found in ancient Greece, was used as a lifting weight made of stone. Heracles is reminiscent of this object which transcends functionality in favor of aesthetical symbolism. The piece becomes a narrative object used also as a paperweight on your desk, or for the genuine esthete as a luxury dumbbell.


A collection of hang little solifleur made of glass. They remind us of an animal, a vegetable, or a little doll depending on which one you choose. You can hang them on the wall and make an ordinary flower become particular.


High-wire is a series of hanging baskets that can be used in a multitude of ways, such as for fruit, plants or indoors as an interesting suspended storage solution. The shapes have been shifted from their historic recognized typology to offer a contemporary twist to this well-loved peculiar object.


A geometric wireframe sculpture, which functions as a flower vase, is balanced by a stone base and formed by an abstracted angled square. It makes a spatial ambiguity creating a  floating “frame” which reveals and emphasizes the flower stem in order to show the beauty of an entire flower’s existence, not only its blossom.


Prêt à boire
A glass container is suspended in space. A metal wire structure frames the carafe becoming a support and also an unconventional handle. It can be used as a centerpiece to serve beverages, or as a vase that can be easily carried.

Vanity Affair
A rounded beauty mirror nested in a geometry of metal wire. The decorative structure becomes the container of the mirror, giving an architectural presence to a vanity piece.

Pinco Panco
Pinco Panco are a couple of paperweights, one made in stone and the other in marble. The heavy bases are contrasted by wooden handles with peculiar ways to be held. They are reminiscent of artisanal tools that are inherently intuitive through a refined sense that they should be hold.

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NEW COLLECTION BY SELETTI http://www.fabricafeatures.com/2014/new-collection-by-seletti/ http://www.fabricafeatures.com/2014/new-collection-by-seletti/#comments Mon, 20 Jan 2014 17:08:20 +0000 fabricafeatures http://www.fabricafeatures.com/?p=7780 Seletti launched the new Paralumi by Charlotte Juillard and Cappello by Valentina Carretta as well as new colored versions of Eggs of Columbus.


Pictures by Seletti

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DRAWING GLASS AT DESIGN MIAMI http://www.fabricafeatures.com/2014/drawing-glass-at-design-miami/ http://www.fabricafeatures.com/2014/drawing-glass-at-design-miami/#comments Wed, 08 Jan 2014 16:54:13 +0000 fabricafeatures http://www.fabricafeatures.com/?p=7761 Design+World is an exhibition exploring how today’s designers interpret materials, technologies and production methods to create work that expands traditional boundaries of design.

In the context of Design+World, Fabrica presents a collection of glass objects exploring the balance between concept and function. Stepping back from digital tools, the Fabrica design team embarks on exploratory hand drawings, representations made of line on paper. A master of glass, Massimo Lunardon, reads and interprets them, giving them a three-dimensional existence.

From December 5th until the end of January 2014
6.00h to 9.00th

Luminaire Lab
3901 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33137


Photo credits Luminaire

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MURALS AT ACE HOTEL LONDON http://www.fabricafeatures.com/2013/murals-at-ace-hotel-london/ http://www.fabricafeatures.com/2013/murals-at-ace-hotel-london/#comments Thu, 19 Dec 2013 12:38:58 +0000 fabricafeatures http://www.fabricafeatures.com/?p=7745 A series of murals drawn by Fabrica graphic designers in three different rooms of Ace Hotel in London.

Room 215

One of the true pleasures before sinking into a tempting bed is reaading a book. A book that makes you dream about life, about memories you have, goals never reached or the moments you still want to live. This dream state is always comfortable and numb, but when you wake up all these possibilities are vanished and you need to find the strenght to start life with the feeling that it will all be ok. “I’d woken up early, and I took a long time getting ready to exist.”, a quote from Fernando Pessoa, plays with this idea: that we do not have to wake up and face our days right away — we can linger in an asleep state and wake up at our own pace. And there is nothing better to do in an hotel room.

Room 315
Graphic designer MARIANA FERNANDES

A black and white pattern, mixing geometric and organic shapes, taking advantage of the strong texture of black, painted with brushes. The elements are inspired by the hipster area of London Shoreditch, where the hotel is. Lots of great underground bars/clubs, amazing music and art scene. My idea is to translate, in a different way, a hidden London with non-obvious images.

Room 308
Graphic designer GASTÓN LISAK

In this moment of crisis, where a large share of young society is without work, we need to re-invent ourselves, create new opportunities, and love what we do. “Take your pleasure seriously” is an homage to all the people who fight everyday trying to make their dreams became true. By installing the phrase in this context, it can serve as a reminder and a source of inspiration for the people who stay in the room. Take your pleasure seriously and enjoy life!

Pictures by Andrew Meredith

Ace Hotel London

100 Shoreditch High St
St, London E1 6JQ
United Kingdom


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THE SECRET COLLECTION http://www.fabricafeatures.com/2013/the-secret-collection/ http://www.fabricafeatures.com/2013/the-secret-collection/#comments Wed, 11 Dec 2013 18:13:07 +0000 fabricafeatures http://www.fabricafeatures.com/?p=7684 Fabrica design a collection of limited objects inspired by a trip to Lebanon in January 2013. The collection interprets certain aspects of the Lebanese daily life, uncovering secret, undisclosed elements.

Touring the Lebanese capital for a full week, the designer absorbed the visual, technical and aesthetic details that enrich the multi-faceted Lebanese culture.

The result in not just a collection of objects, but a unique international vision and interpretation of the Lebanese way of living, mixing past and present and playing homage to the future of an ongoing country. Each designer’s works encapsulates the re-imagining of a district, time-honoured craft, where the specialized technique of the artisan has formed the basis for designer’s creations. In fact, the collection is developed following local traditional techniques and is produced by a team of expert craftsmen in Lebanon exclusively for the boutique of the National Museum of Beirut and Carwan Gallery.

Creative Director


Pictures by MARCO ZANIN / Fabrica

The collection:


The rediscovery of a city when seen through fresh eyes. This console is looking at this heightened experience when you zoom on a detail. You see the picture as a whole but the exciting realm is the analysis of the detail. It represents this feeling experienced during the first visit of Beirut, the importance of paying attention to details to understand the complexity of the city and its story.


The importance of dining in Lebanese culture is apparent. A series of containers, developed in a traditional material, refers to local food and allows a double use: on a table as containers and on a wall as a decorative piece. The engraved part is revealed only when it is removed from the wall to enjoy a convivial moment.


Turning the city inside out. A glimpse behind the facade of the city. The impressive construction of the Muqarnas, a decorative device in traditional Persian architecture, is given a new life by being exposed in the inside of this chandelier. Placed on the floor, Muqarnas offers a contemporary possibility to appreciate its secret beauty.


Fascinated by the issues of electricity, this lantern pays hommage to the frequent black-outs happening in the city. Beirut, due to this particularity, keeps a special relationship with improvised lights. This portable torch, a reinterpretation of the traditional lantern, becomes a special and precious object dedicated to these episodes.


The strength of the family became the inspiration of this mirror, with a hidden precious detail waiting to be discovered; a celebration of the elegance and strength of the female role in this incredible country. An opulent self-standing figure represents the metaphor of the woman in the Lebanese society.


The reconstruction of Beirut, that has happened seven times, has become the starting point to this composition. A symbolic totem made by superimposed containers expresses the complexity of the city by overlapping different layers.The mix of materials evoques the richness and diversity of this strong culture.


Traces of history can still be found across the wall of the city. This coat hanger made with unexpected construction materials is a nod to Lebanese architecture and its marks of the past. Rough stones mixed together with brass detailed elements create a balance which expresses the contrasts of Beirut.


Inspired by the level of hospitality and generosity, an object that celebrates this cultural exchange of goods. Giving and receiving is part of the Lebanese behaviour and it is expressed in this generous piece associating the function of a flower vase together with a secret candy box.

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FABRICA GOES LEBANESE – LAUNCH OF THE SECRET COLLECTION http://www.fabricafeatures.com/2013/7676/ http://www.fabricafeatures.com/2013/7676/#comments Tue, 10 Dec 2013 16:44:16 +0000 fabricafeatures http://www.fabricafeatures.com/?p=7676 Fabrica design a collection of limited objects inspired by a trip to Lebanon in January 2013. The collection interprets certain aspects of the Lebanese daily life, uncovering secret, undisclosed elements.

Touring the Lebanese capital for a full week, the designer absorbed the visual, technical and aesthetic details that enrich the multi-faceted Lebanese culture.

The result in not just a collection of objects, but a unique international vision and interpretation of the Lebanese way of living, mixing past and present and playing homage to the future of an ongoing country. Each designer’s works encapsulates the re-imagining of a district, time-honoured craft, where the specialized technique of the artisan has formed the basis for designer’s creations. In fact, the collection is developed following local traditional techniques and is produced by a team of expert craftsmen in Lebanon exclusively for the boutique of the National Museum of Beirut and Carwan Gallery.

The project is presented by Fabrica at the Nocturne, the yearly event organized by the National Heritage Foundation at the National Museum of Beirut.

We would like to thank the Italia Embassy and the Italian Culture Institute their high patronage.


OPENING DECEMBER 11th 2013 from 7 to 9 pm

Presentation from DECEMBER 12th till JANUARY 10th 2014

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THE MUG http://www.fabricafeatures.com/2013/the-mug/ http://www.fabricafeatures.com/2013/the-mug/#comments Fri, 25 Oct 2013 12:59:35 +0000 fabricafeatures http://www.fabricafeatures.com/?p=7656 Fabrica designs a mug collection for United Colors of Benetton.

October 2013. Fabrica designs THE MUG, a collection of six mugs available from Fall 2013 in selected United Colors of Benetton stores worldwide.

THE MUG is the product of the Fabrica Design Studio and, more particularly, of the imagination and creativity of the Portuguese graphic designer Catarina Carreiras. Drawing inspiration from the Benetton values, vision and its avant-guard graphic heritage, Catarina played with different patterns, symbols and colors giving a simple but strong visual impact to an iconic object which accompanies us all day, from the morning caffeine hit to the bedtime tisane, without forgetting the classic British “cuppa” tea, where the mug has its origins.

As Catarina affirms, “this home collection started to me as a curious assignment, but it rapidly became my humble homage to the immense legacy of Benetton, a hard exercise of simplicity and strength. It’s about mixing and matching many colours with uncomplicated graphic elements, to tell how people are so similar but still with different tastes and rituals”.

THE MUG by Fabrica comes with a collectable packaging and is available in six different versions.  It is also the first of a series of objects and accessories – among them coffee cups, phone covers and sketchbooks – designed by Fabrica for United Colors of Benetton.

Soon available on United Colors of Benetton shop on-line http://shop.benetton.com .

THE MUG is designed by Catarina Carreiras

Pictures by Marco Zanin / Fabrica

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Wish Postcards http://www.fabricafeatures.com/2013/wish-postcards/ http://www.fabricafeatures.com/2013/wish-postcards/#comments Thu, 17 Oct 2013 07:50:47 +0000 fabricafeatures http://www.fabricafeatures.com/?p=7597 A Favorite Color, A Favourite Object, A Self-Portrait, An Idea, The Best Day of the Year and A Nice Souvenir: A colorful collection of 6 illustrated postcards that entices you to share your thoughts and memories with friends and family. Use your imagination and send out your wishes, together or separately, because sharing is caring.

Designed by: Catarina Carreiras e Mariana Fernandes

Pictures by Marco Zanin / Fabrica

Available for online purchase at fabricashop.myshopify.com

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Elliott Burford is Spam http://www.fabricafeatures.com/2013/elliot-burford-is-spam/ http://www.fabricafeatures.com/2013/elliot-burford-is-spam/#comments Thu, 17 Oct 2013 07:44:54 +0000 fabricafeatures http://www.fabricafeatures.com/?p=7614 E-mail spam, also known as junk mail, is the practice of sending unsolicited bulk e-mail messages, frequently with commercial content – adverts, scams, pornography – in large quantities to an indiscriminate set of recipients.

Many spam-filtering techniques work by searching for patterns and keywords in the headers or bodies of messages, identifying offenders and deleting. To defeat such filters, the spammer may intentionally misspell commonly filtered words and use increasingly abstract sentences to avoid detection.

This illustration collection by Australian art director Elliott Burford reinterprets and visualises the titles of spam e-mails.

Pictures by Gustavo Millon / Fabrica

Available for online purchase at fabricashop.myshopify.com

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