We Never Left

To celebrate the renewal of the Fabrica Features Lisboa space, Fabrica presents a collective exhibition by 16 creatives from the present and the past of Fabrica – who explored concepts of reunion, connection and belonging, creating a collection of posters and postcards. A limited and numbered edition, handmade silkscreened printings, available for sale here and here.

Hyrul Anuar / Malaysia

Joana Coelho and Marta Barros / Portugal

Elliott Burford / Australia

Cãoceito / Portugal

Ariana Couvinha / Portugal

Mariana Fernandes / Portugal

Tom Fethers / Australia

Anna Kulachek / Ukraine – Russia

Gaston Lisak / Argentina

Tomomi Maezawa / Japan

Daniela Mesina / Italy

Ordinary People / Korea

Tomás Pichardo-Espaillat / Dominican Republic

Elise Santangelo / USA – Australia

Studio AH—HA / Portugal

Vivóeusébio / Portugal

Fabrica Features Lisboa
11 Dec — 20 Jan