Tin boxes collection – Fabrica for United Colors of Benetton.

Fabrica designers create for United Colors of Benetton a brand new collection of six tin boxes, available from October 23rd until April 2016, in selected Benetton stores worldwide.

The boxes are reminiscent of Benetton’s brand story over 5 decades. The design of each box is inspired by the themes of “Archive”, one of the four capsule collections of “A Collection of Us”.

Australian designer Thomas Fethers recreates optical illusions typical of the 60’s, using slender colors on a dark background. Portuguese designer Mariana Fernandes evokes the 70’s through informal illustration against a red background. Catarina Carreiras (also Portuguese) reenacts the 80’s by adding vintage nuance to triangular shapes. Australian-American designer Elise Santangelo explores colors and linework from the 90’s. Through playful and informal rhombus shapes, Japanese designer Tomomi Maezawa represents knitwear of the 00’. The sixth box by Italian designer Daniela Mesina celebrates yellow, the colour of the first sweater produced by Luciano Benetton. The different decorative stitches are inspired by the historical archives of Benetton.

Composed by six round sheet boxes, the collection is made of tin, a material which valorizes a “vintage” object and the concept of historical conservation. Each box has a diameter of 22cm and height of 11,5cm. Each will sell for 9,95 euros, available in selected Benetton storse.


Creative direction:
Sam Baron

Thomas Fethers
Mariana Fernandes
Catarina Carreiras
Elise Santangelo
Tomomi Maezawa
Daniela Mesina

Photo by:
Marco Zanin