Art/Design for Grand Hornu


This collection of stationary offers multiple answers to the evergreen question of which came first: art or design? To explore a question that has never-ending answers, there is no better place than the beautiful grounds of Grand Hornu, an institution equally engaged in both disciplines. Here we begin to understand the entire spectrum of colors, shapes and lines that take place when art meets design, and vice versa.

Such a collection is made of colorful dialogues between straight and twisted lines, geometric and abstract shapes, changing perspectives from sketchbook to pencil, from t-shirt to tote bag. It is a new take on the old marble sketchbooks that drew minds away from the classroom, where one could sketch endlessly. ART/DESIGN is a celebration of what happens when a pen meets a white sheet of paper, in the hands of anyone in the world, regardless of their leanings towards art or design.

Designed by Catarina Carreiras/Fabrica
Comissioned by: Grand Hornu

Photos by: Alberto Ferretto/Fabrica